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SCL6: Week 4 Power Rankings


Some big shake ups in Master’s Circuit in particular this week; Oak is finally settled into a real division with no more shuffling; Some big surprises down the stretch. Week 4’s brought a lot of drama to the power rankings, and we’re here to cover all of it. Once again, shoutouts to Silverthorn for helping out with creating these.


While not quite every match was completed this week in Diamond as it was last week, there’s still enough data to say quite a bit. Quite a bit indeed; Both of the played matches this week are wholly unexpected results, which says a lot about just how chaotic Diamond is this season.

1: YerAnd [YerAnd]

No change here, but unfortunately YerAnd and Slappydavis haven’t played, so not much to say about them.

2: WarningTrack [WarningTrack]

Our first unexpected result of the week, Magician manages a draw against preseason divisional favorite WarningTrack. This result is definitely disappointing for Track, as every single of their previous four matches over the past two seasons have gone Track’s way, none closer than a 7-4 scoreline. That said, it doesn’t drop Track in the rankings.

3: Magician1099 (+1) [Pwndnoob]

With a striking draw against Track, Magician’s out to prove that his opening weeks of strong play haven’t been a fluke. It’s marred slightly by his only loss being to Slappydavis, which speaks of an inconsistency that could be lurking below the surface, but for now we’ve seen four matches and Magicians’ come out with a marble in three of them. That’s impressive given previous performances in this top division.

4: Pwndnoob (-1) [Magician1099]

In classic Pwndnoob fashion, he drops a set against his old arch-rival, FalconHit, with a blisteringly Not Close scoreline of 7-2. While this brings their all time game winrate against each other to even, it’s a deviation from recent results; Pwndnoob beat FalconHit soundly in both of their sets in last season’s Platinum, and back in Season 4 Gold he made sure not to lose any of the three sets they played against each other, though a couple of draws did result. All this to say, this result is definitely out of the blue and break’s Pwndnoob’s lossless SCL streak of two years. And drops him in the power rankings, that too.

5: FalconHit (+1) [FalconHit]

With his first victory coming off the back of BB splitting into lowlights three times against Pwndnoob, FalconHit manages to reassert him above Slappy, who hasn’t played his match against YerAnd. I wouldn’t put him above Pwndnoob just for the result of this one match though; He’s still got three other losses under his belt to work past first. But this does give FalconHit a big opportunity in the coming weeks; wins will buoy him a lot more than they might have otherwise.

6: Slappydavis (-1) [Slappydavis]


Alas, many matches in Platinum still haven’t been played thanks to scheduling issues. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t results to analyze; there’s been some definite movement in the power rankings this week.

1: Lazybear (+1) [Lazybear]

Taking the top spot with a stunning win over OpiWrites, Lazybear is now the only lossless player in Platinum, albeit only after having played three matches. He still does have to play Pofke for his actual Week 4 match, so it remains to be seen whether the bear will begin to bear down on the division or if he’ll be stopped in his tracks; regardless, he’s at the top of the standings this week.

2: Ryooo (+3) [Ryooo]

Lacking any other information, Ryooo has also rocketed to the top with a win over OpiWrites in their week 4 match. Sporting a record stronger than most expected, he still does have to play Lazybear as his last match of the first half; he could easily come out of the first round robin not in the top two of points if Lazybear maintains his dominance. So far however, he’s got the advantage and is the only one alongside Opi who has played all their matches up to Week 4.

3: OpiWrites (-2) [OpiWrites]

Opi lost two matches since we last spoke about Platinum in power rankings; one was reasonable, the other uncharacteristic. His set against Lazybear is an odd case; the 7-2 scoreline belies the fact that the sniper knew who the spy was in all 9 games of that set before the game was over. With the proverbial wool pulled over his eyes replaced with a shark, Opi just was not allowed to shoot Lazybear’s spy for two games on Aquarium, sparking some controversy about the venue’s balance but netting Lazybear the win all the same. With Ryooo however, misshots were the name of the game. Opi’s going to need to shore up that shakiness if he wants to come out of the first five weeks above .500 – he’s got Yeesh up next.

4: Pofke (-1) [Pofke]
5: Yeesh (-1) [Yeesh]
6: Skrewwl00se [Skrewwl00se]


So many unplayed matches, so little time. Gold has unfortunately not replicated the success of last week, having only played one of three matches. However, that match was consequential.

1: Kotte (+2) [Kotte]

In a close 7-5 victory over Cameraman, Kotte now sits at the top of the division in both points and on these power rankings. While last week we kept Kotte in the third spot for shaky performances, shaky performances are more than enough if you’re winning. Now that he’s taken down the previous top spot, it’s clear that Kotte should be number 1. Will it stay that way? Only time will tell; Those shaky performances could very well come back later on. If they do, will they still be wins? Questions for a future power ranking.

2: Cameraman (-1) [Sheph]

Cameraman slides, but only a little, particularly since no one else in the division has played their week 4 match. Lacking those results, the rest of the power rankings will look pretty similar to last week.

3: Sheph (-1) [Cameraman]
4: Wodar [Wodar]
5: RoyalFlu$h [Turnout8]
6: Turnout8 [RoyalFlu$h]


Unfortunately, Silver comes with some sad news this week. Lauras43 has had to drop, which does shake up the top of the rankings a bit in his absence. That said, there are happier reasons to shake these rankings up as well: Matches being played!

1: Turnipboy [Turnipboy]

2: Hunu (+3) [Hunu]

A close win over KumaKid propels Hunu to one of the top spots this week, only below the perennial frontrunner in Turnipboy. Hunu’s drafting prowess appeared to be what pushed them over the edge this week, going a collective 5-1 on their own picks. This proved too much, and a 7-5 victory was the result.

3: KumaKid (-1) [KumaKid]
Despite the loss, KumaKid barely drops; in part because it was very close, but it’s also because there’s a massive power vacuum near the top right now. With Lauras’ drop and disappointing results from other top players, there’s just no one to muscle in and force Kuma out.
4: Spedmonkey [DavidW]
5: FurbyFubar (+4) [Miniorek]

The power vacuum near the top strikes again, as FurbyFubar takes a close set over Miniorek and jumps 4 spots in the rankings thanks to it. Be watchful for Furby to drop quickly if his results don’t keep up though; quick boosts can just as easily be quickly denied.

6: Beanie (+1) [Spedmonkey]
7: DavidW (+1) [FurbyFubar]

8: Miniorek (-3) [Beanie]

9: Nanthelas (+1) [Nanthelas]
Nanthelas picks up his first match win of the season, showing that despite his tough early schedule, he can still beat those at the bottom quite handily.
10: sgnurf (+1) [checker]
11: checker (+1) [sgnurf]
With no matches yet played, checker would normally be required to forfeit his first match to Turnipboy by now; however, there’s a slight silver lining to the dark cloud of Zerodoom’s unfortunate drop – checker now has a bye this week. No forfeits yet!


Bronze green flirts me this week by playing all of their matches on time. Go Bronze!

1: Magicdoer1 [Tonyl]
2: Tonyl (+1) [Magicdoer1]
Tonyl catches on to the Iggy meta and bans balcony, something that turns out to be an absolute deathblow. Iggy tries to recover by picking up Redwoods, but only makes a 2-2 split on it. Tonyl continued on after that to blaze through the rest of the set, picking up a commanding 7-3 victory and cementing himself in the top 2.

3: Calvin Schoolidge (+1) [Iggythegrifter]
Calvin makes a statement for the second week in a row after a disappointing start of the season for the predicted favorite, going 7-0 over Humankirby. While the result was expected, the domination of those at the lower rankings show that Calvin has a floor beneath which he definitely won’t drop. One other thing to note: Calvin’s ‘disappointing’ start began with a loss against Tonyl, who has proven despite predictions to be a fearsome opponent.

4: iggythegrifter (-2) [Gabrio]

5: Gabrio [Calvin Schoolidge]

6: Portalfreek [dbdkmezz]

7: Sykosloth (+2) [Sykosloth]

Sykosloth has been on an upswing recently with this clutch win over dbdkmezz. It was even coming out of the doubled venues, but Sykosloth managed to make quick mission progress late in the game to save games that seemed lost and closed it out on the sniper side. While early predictions had Sykosloth fairly low, and the loss to Humankirby in Week 1 seemed to solidify that, results have only gotten better and better since. Look out for Syko to maybe make a run at the top of the table in the coming weeks.

8: Dukit [Dukit]
9: Kmars133 (+1) [Humankirby]
10: dbdkmezz (-3) [Portalfreek]
11: Humankirby [Kmars133]

Despite the devastating loss this week, Humankirby still has a win that mrrgrs and Quicklime have not been able to pick up.

12: mrrgrs [mrrgrs]
13: Quicklime [Quicklime]


Two green flirt, as Copper has also completed all of their matches for the week. Legorve continues to dominate and a couple of matches between some of the higher tier players start to make the top of the division clearer as Copper still has no draws.

1: Legorve Genine [Legorve Genine]
2: Monaters [Monaters]
3: Tflameee (+2) [Tflameee]
We would’ve had Tflameee as a slight favorite over Yglini coming into this week, but the margin of victory was somewhat unexpected. 7-2’s pretty dominating, and Tflameee is looking good.

4: Paratroopa (+1) [Tflameee]

5: Yglini (-1) [jd105L]
Yglini only budges a little downward on the back of a wider-than-expected margin against Tflameee in a loss. The fact that the margin comes largely on the back of civilian shots is worrying, but nothing strong enough to do anything further this week.

6:jd105L [Yglini]
Despite the loss to Monaters this week, JD doesn’t drop any spots thanks to a lack of pressure from those below him in the standings. An impressive set from both players, it seems like an unusual drafting choice may have let JD lose control; A Redwoods single from JD which he summarily went 0-2 on.

7: Alexare [Alexare]
8: Monopolyman [Banana Bread]
9: Harren (+3) [Monopolyman]
Harren and Banana Bread effectively switch places with Howiie and Andi this week with their wins. Con-Pope unfortunately takes the brunt of this switch, moving down to the last place spot in this week’s standings.

10: Banana Bread (+3) [Howiie]
11: Howiie (-2) [AndiVX]
12: AndiVX (-2) [Harren]
13: Con-Pope (-2) [Con-Pope]


Not quite as beautiful as the last two divisions with one match unplayed, Iron still has a bit to talk about this week, though not at the top of the standings; both of our top two players on this list had a bye this week.

1: LevTrotskij [LevTrotskij ]
2: RhythmicSheep [Rov]
3: Rov [RhythmicSheep]
4: Catnip (+1) [Koopa]

Catnip continues to unsheath the claws as she takes a 7-3 win over jaHNI, something that Koopa wasn’t able to do in Week 3. This pushes her up slightly again; with this, Catnip’s going to be playing a string of players currently at the bottom end of the division up until Week 8, where she faces RhythmicSheep. If Catnip can rack up the score over the coming weeks, she can still be a force to be reckoned with in this division.

5: Koopa (-1) [Beanie/steam]
6: Beanie/steam [Catnip]
7: YtterbiJum (+1) [jaHNI]
8: The_usual_toaster (-1) [dejoker]

Has toaster’s breakneck spy style finally been acclimated to? YtterbiJum certainly has figured it out with a win over one of the most aggressive spies around. While this isn’t to say that toaster’s going to be losing, it does mean that perhaps he should be switching up his style more often.

9: jaHNI [YtterbiJum]
10: MrTwister [The_usual_toaster]
11: Dejoker [MrTwister]
12: Sun Bro [Sun Bro]


Banana Bread. That’s a three green game on Balcony, folks, as Obsidian is the last division that’s played all of their matches up to week 4 on time! And boy, some of these matches were BIG. I’d call Obsidian the most shaken up division this week. In fact, this may end up being the biggest one-week shakeup of the entire season.

1: Xeynoys (+1) [Xeynoxys]
A win over Auglbe is pretty expected, and usually wouldn’t be enough to push Xeyno up to our top spot. We’ll get to what’s up with that later.

2: ALTInsider (+1) [Corvusmellori]
Another expected win. But there’s a name conspicuously missing from the top spots. Huh…

3: DeathTacticus (+9) [Monsterracer]
In what is undoubtedly the biggest one week rankings jump we’ll ever see, DeathTacticus storms into the top three of this list. Why? What could possibly have done this? All it takes is a 7-0 domination over the division leader, of course. Taking down Monsterracer in such commanding fashion has to be one of the biggest upsets so far this season based on the margin alone. He also caught up on his Week 3 match, in which he solidly beat BobTheAlmighty. What. Even.

4: Monsterracer (-3) [DeathTacticus]

5: Corvusmellori (+1) [ALTInsider]
A close win over TheForgot3n1 is just what Corvus needed to get back into the top spots. Unfortunately, a stray rocket coming from the bottom of the standings somewhat stunts her progress.

6: ShootingGoats (-1) [ShootingGoats]
7: TheForgot3n1 (-3) [TheForgot3n1]
8: Scout (+1) [Augleb240]
9: Augleb240 (-2) [Scout]
10: Bannanasniper (-2) [BobTheAlmighty]
11: Pipesuper24 (-1) [Pipesuper24]
12: BobTheAlmighty (-1) Bannanasniper]
13: Lushmoss [Lushmoss]


Oak has been shuffled for the last time! Now a full division, the schedule for the rest of the season is set. That said, we’re still just going to be taking any game played so far into account because of how wild the shuffling has been.

1: Phillammon (+1) [cptbasch]
Phillammon secures the top spot this week by beating TONewYork, pushing towards dominance over Oak.

2: Ibutra (+5) [Phillammon]
Ibutra storms onto the scene taking wins over both cptbasch and Atia, though a draw to iGod reigns them in slightly. It’s still enough to sit in the top two so quickly after joining; Turns out that last week’s speculation on this ‘veteran’ in oak is doing well.

3: cptbasch (-2) [TONewYork]
4: TONewYork (-1) [Ibutra]
5: Atia (-1) [iGod]
6: iGod (+4) [Atia]
7: Maxstermind (-2) [Maxstermind]
8: Smashblade (-2) [Smashblade]
9: Testierjamaj [Testierjamaj]
10: Armageddon [Kaadzik]
11: Kaadzik (New) [Armageddon]
12: TheKajdanPL (New) [met]
13: met (New) [TheKajdanPL]

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