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SpyParty is a spy game about human behavior, performance, perception, and deception. While most espionage games have you spend your time shooting stuff, blowing stuff up, and driving fast, SpyParty has you hide in plain sight, deceive your opponent, and detect subtle behavioral tells to achieve your objectives.

SCL6: Weeks 5-6 Power Rankings


Welcome to the SCL Week 5/6 power rankings! With a break week for Master’s Circuit, there won’t be as much movement there as you might expect from a two week combined power ranking, but for the rest of the divisions we’ve got some serious movement (Provided they’ve been playing their matches). As with every one of these, huge thanks to Silverthorn for all the help. Let’s get right into it!


With all matches up to week 5 played, Diamond paints a picture of what the rankings should look like. A clear picture? Not particularly, but it is a complete picture regardless. And there are definitely some surprises overall going into the second half of the division.

1: YerAnd [YerAnd]

YerAnd currently sports a lossless season in Diamond, an impressive showing from someone who was expected at third in the division preseason. The only blood drawn so far has been a draw against Pwndnoob. With a win over an ascendant Magician in week 5, YerAnd keeps his top spot.

2: WarningTrack [WarningTrack]

In a pretty clear second place, WarningTrack’s only loss is to YerAnd, though he does have an unexpected draw against Magician. In week 5, Track took down Pwndnoob in a minor comeback after being down 3-1 on his pick of High Rise. Proving once again that his spy is to be feared, he took both spy wins on Gallery and one on Courtyard to win the set 7-4.

3: Magician1099 [Pwndnoob]

Rounding out Week 5 with a loss against YerAnd wasn’t how Magician wanted to end the first half of the season, but it was fairly expected. Tied with Pwndnoob in the standings, Magician gains the edge simply based on the fact that his main points loss compared to Pwnd is a loss to Slappydavis, an unexpected result that is likely to not be replicated, whereas Pwnd has had more consistent issues dragging him down throughout the season. This loss to Slappy could also go the other way, speaking of an inconsistency that would see Magician collapse in the second half. But for now, Magician keeps his top 3 spot.

4: Pwndnoob [Magician1099]

Pwnd came in as a fairly heavy preseasonal favorite, but hasn’t been able to live up to those expectations quite yet. Drawing against Magician and losing a big match against FalconHit, he’s found himself in an unexpected lurch for points. With his first half of the season being capped off with a loss to WarningTrack, Pwnd’s going to need to shore up some of the mistakes we’ve been seeing in the first half to make a late comeback. That said, all he needs to do to make it to the postseason is finish in the top half; beating out Magician should be well within his peak skill level.

5: FalconHit [FalconHit]

FalconHit is currently tied with Slappydavis in the standings, and it shows in their last match of the first half; a draw to Slappy solidifies both these players as underdogs in Diamond, and on relatively even footing so far. Unless one of them makes a late season rush in points, it’s going to be about fighting to stay out of the bottom two spots and hold on to a guaranteed Diamond spot in Season 7.

6: Slappydavis [Slappydavis]
Slappy lies just below FalconHit on these power rankings for one reason; each of these players has an upset win over someone above them. Slappy over Magician, FalconHit over Pwndnoob. While Magician is being rated as the stronger opponent currently, FalconHit’s win over Pwndnoob was much more dominating in its scoreline. Thus, Slappy takes the last place spot in Diamond this week.


Sad news in Platinum this week; Yeesh, predicted during the preseason as the favorite to win the division, has dropped. While the matches he did play didn’t seem to be up to his usual standard, this drop pretty heavily affects the outlook for Platinum going forward. This also means that only two new matches were played since the last time Platinum was covered in the power rankings, so it’s hard to say much.

1: Lazybear [Lazybear]

With a close shark-enabled win against Ryooo to round out the first half of the season, Lazybear is clearly in the driver’s seat in Platinum. Having no losses puts Lazybear in a solid spot, but he’s not out of the woods yet; with two draws under his belt, he’s only a single point above Pofke, while OpiWrites and Ryooo sit two down. This division is still wide open for the top spot.

2: Pofke (+2) [Pofke]

A win over Skrewwl00se puts Pofke just below Lazybear in points, and just below him in the power rankings. While the win was expected, the nature of the win continued to display Pofke’s consistency, a trait that is critically important at top rankings.

3: OpiWrites [Ryooo]

Opi retains a top three spot over Ryooo, who he’s tied with and who he lost to. What’s up with that? The answer lies in the manner of their victories. Ryooo has been carried by a strong spy winrate so far this season, while his sniper side is significantly below average for the division. That said, the vast majority of Ryooo’s spy wins have come through the sniper shooting a civilian; only a fourth are achieved through a mission win. Combined with an above average timeout rate, and it seems possible that Ryooo is having trouble completing missions, something a less jumpy opponent could take advantage of.

4: Ryooo (-2) [OpiWrites]

5: Skrewwl00se [Skrewwl00se]
Skreww unfortunately continues to be at the bottom of Platinum, his one claim to fame being a draw against the top spot Lazybear. It’s not impossible for him to make the postseason, but it’s going to take a big turnaround in results. With the worst sniper rate in the division, Skreww will need to shore that up quickly to turn things around.


Gold is crazy. It’s dumb and hard to rank because everyone is beating everyone and there doesn’t seem to be a clear way to put these players in order. I’ll try my best, though.

1: Kotte [Kotte]

Kotte isn’t a super solid first place, but he’s the only one who’s still lossless in the division with a draw against Sheph. A close win over RoyalFlu$h tells of a potential downfall in the future, but for now Kotte stays on top.

2: Wodar (+2) [Cameraman]

With a win over Cameraman, Wodar jumps to the number two spot in Gold. He still needs to play against RoyalFlu$h to finish up his first half of the season, but if he manages to win that match as expected, he’ll be both in second points-wise and in these rankings. With one loss being to Kotte, the only other loss that’s questionable is against Sheph, who hasn’t been performing up to expectations.

3: Cameraman (-1) [Wodar]
The only player with his entire first half complete, Cameraman is in a weird spot. To me, he delineates the current top of the division against the current bottom, having lost to Wodar and Kotte while beating Turnout and Sheph. Despite this, he’s got a draw against RoyalFlu$h. Thus, using him as the border between top and bottom is questionable practice. But dammit, I need to rank this division somehow.

4: Turnout8 (+2) [Turnout8]
Turnout is out of the bottom two with a fairly surprising win over Sheph, solidifying what appears to be a pretty big underperformance for someone who came out of a dangerously scary Bronze in first place last year.

5: Sheph (-2) [Sheph]
With only one win under his belt so far, Sheph needs the points that his last match of the first half against RoyalFlu$h should theoretically give him. That said, Flu$h has been overperforming expectations so far, and Sheph has been failing to meet them. I wouldn’t count Flu$h out quite yet.

6: RoyalFlu$h (-1) [RoyalFlu$h]
Despite a near draw against Kotte, Flu$h still stands at the bottom of the standings for now. With matches against Wodar and Sheph still needed to round out his first half, there’s a lot of room for him to change his own fate, but it’s going to take a continued strong season from this longtime Gold resident.


Silver continues to not play enough of their matches, and it makes me ANGERY. That said, I can still work with what I’ve got, and there are some shifts that are happening or about to happen in the Silver rankings.

1: Turnipboy [Turnipboy]
2: KumaKid (+1) [KumaKid]
3: Hunu (-1) [Hunu]
Despite winning against KumaKid in their match, Hunu has seen a couple of questionable draws against Spedmonkey and Miniorek that pull him behind Kuma in this week’s power rankings.

4: Beanie (+2) [Miniorek]
5: Furbyfubar [DavidW]
6: DavidW (+1) [Beanie]
With only two matches played so far this season, David only gains a spot thanks to Spedmonkey’s decline. We still haven’t seen enough from DavidW to really get a good idea of where he lands in this division.

7: Spedmonkey (-3) [FurbyFubar]
Spedmonkey, despite the scoreboard, is still floating above the bottom half of the division. The reason for this is that he’s faced probably the strongest strength of schedule for any player in the first 6 weeks of the SCL season. Coming out with no wins doesn’t establish him at the top, but it doesn’t quite put him into the bottom half yet. If he can pick up wins against lower ranked players, it’ll be vitally important to keeping him in the race for the ToP.

8: Nanthelas (+1) [Nanthelas]
9: Miniorek (-1) [Spedmonkey]
Miniorek’s doing well on the scoreboard, but hasn’t had the strength of schedule to really push the envelope on his ranking. That said, he’s most definitely on a bubble; if he can continue this early success, he’ll rise very quickly.
10: sgnurf [checker]
11: checker [sgnurf]


Bronze continues to play all of their matches, and we make our first retroactive results evaluation.
1: Magicdoer1 [Magicdoer1]
Magicdoer and Tonyl are essentially tied at the top at this point; with a draw between them in their climactic Week 5 match, they’re both sitting very solidly on top of the division. Magicdoer keeps the upper hand very slightly as all of his other matches have been wins, where Tonyl has a draw to blemish the record.

2: Tonyl [Tonyl]
3: Sykosloth (+4) [iggythegrifter]
4: Calvin Schoolidge (-1) [dbdkmezz]
Calvin takes a shocking loss against Sykosloth, being dominated 7-1. While this might precipitate a greater fall than only one ranking usually, there’s a vacuum near the top that no one is doing well enough to fill, which keeps Calvin in the top 4.

5: dbdkmezz (+5) [Sykosloth]
Dbdkmezz jumps quite a few spots here, and that fact is partially based on our first retroactive look at results; dbdkmezz drew against Tonyl back in Week 1. At the time, this wasn’t very remarkable, and it certainly didn’t help dbd in the standings. Since then, he’s had a relatively easy schedule, beating mrrgrs and humankirby. This precluded dbd from being near the top of the scoreboard. That said, it’s now clear that a draw against Tonyl is an impressive accomplishment, and a win over Gabrio in the past week establishes that dbd should be much closer to the top than we’ve had him so far.

6: iggythegrifter (-1) [Calvin Schoolidge]
7: Dukit (+2) [Gabrio]
8: Portalfreek (-1) [Portalfreek]
9: Gabrio (-4) [Dukit]
Gabrio continues to fall as it becomes clear that he’s not performing against players who are more likely to hold their shot against his slow spy play. So far, his only wins have come against players in the bottom 4 in the division, something that is replicated by almost everyone above him.

10: Humankirby (+1) [Humankirby]
11: Kmars133 [Kmars133]
12: mrrgrs [mrrgrs]
13: QuickLime [QuickLime]


Copper’s probably the easiest division to call; with very clear stratifications on skill so far, the power rankings are matching up with the scoreboard very closely, particularly at the top. That said, we’ve still got some things that aren’t as obvious.

1: Legorve Genine [Legorve Genine]
2: Monaters [Monaters]
Monaters breaks Legorve’s perfect season, taking a draw against the divisional favorite. This bodes well for Monaters’ performance down the stretch, as it’s unlikely that many (if any) others will be able to replicate that success.

3: Tflameee [Tflameee]
4: Yglini (+1) [Yglini]
5: JD105l (+1) [Paratroopa]
6: Paratroopa (-2) [JD105l]
7: Bananabread (+3) [Alexare]
8: Monopolyman [BananaBread]
Despite only one win so far this season, Monopolyman sits at 8th in the standings, above some players who have more wins. This is because they’ve run the absolute gauntlet with their opponents; Legorve, Monaters, JD105l. A loss to Bananabread is the main standout for Monopolyman, but going forward it’s very much possible that Monopolyman establishes himself just below the top class of Copper.

9: Alexare (-2) [AndiVx]
10: Harren (-1) [Monopolyman]
11: Howiie [Howiie]
12: AndiVX [Harren]
Andi picks up their first ever SCL win against Harren, which while exciting is unfortunately not yet enough to raise them in the standings.

13: Con-Pope [Con-Pope]


Iron doesn’t have much movement this week, despite having some pretty important matches near the top.
1: LevTrotskij [LevTrotskij]
2: Rov (+1) [Rov]
Rov takes the 2nd place spot over Rhythmicsheep by beating Rhythmicsheep. It’s a pretty simple reason, but it’s an important match for the fate of Iron going forward. Both Rov and LevTrotskij are lossless so far this season, and it’ll be big to see them go up against each other to figure out the top of Iron.

3: Rhythmicsheep (-1) [Rhythmicsheep]
Sheep stays just under the top two with matches against Rov and LevTrotskij. While the match against Lev was a draw, and a close loss to Rov, it does tell a story of not quite being at the very top of the division. This also means that there’s no way for Sheep to break into the top 2 spots anymore unless Lev or Rov drop matches of their own accord, something that they’ve been loath to do so far.

4: Koopa (+1) [Koopa]
5: Catnip (-1) [Catnip]
6: YtterbiJum (+1) [Beanie/steam]
7: Beanie/steam (-1) [YtterbiJum]
8: jaHNI [jaHNI]
9: Dejoker [Dejoker]
Opposites clash in a set between Dejoker and The_usual_toaster. Slow vs Speed, and this time slow comes out on top. Dejoker takes the win in fairly solid fashion to stay above the speedster.

10: The_usual_toaster [the_usual_toaster]
11: MrTwister [MrTwister]


Almost no movement at all in Obsidian this week; Corvus and DeathTacticus swap places in the ranking thanks to the result of their match. Everything else is simply either unplayed or unsurprising.

1: Xeynoxys [Monsterracer]
2: ALTInsider [Xeynoxys]
3: Corvusmellori (+2) [Corvusmellori]
Corvus slows DeathTacticus’ roll after his 7-0 sweep of Monsterracer by taking a nice win over the new top contender. Back in the top 3, we’ll see if Corvus can finally lock it down or if some of that inconsistency will once again rear its head to put her further down in the standings.

4: Monsterracer [ALTInsider]
5: DeathTacticus (-2) [DeathTacticus]
6: ShootingGoats [ShootingGoats]
7: TheForgot3n1 [TheForgot3n1]
8: Scout [Auglbe240]
Scout has been showing some fairly impressive scorelines against high ranked players so far, and while it’s not enough right now to push them any further up in the standings, it does leave them poised to climb very quickly if they make some moves.

9: Auglbe240 [Scout]
10: Bannanasniper [BobTheAlmighty]
11: Pipesuper24 [Lushmoss]
12: BobTheAlmighty [Pipesuper24]
13: Lushmoss [Bannanasniper]


Oak is doing Oak things, and that means constant shakeups as matches get played by new players.

1: Ibutra (+1) [Phillammon]
Ibutra is on top this week, the new player knocking down the walls of the previous Oak elite. That said, they do have a loss to iGod, who joined the same week. So why isn’t iGod in the number one spot?

2: iGod (+4) [Cptbasch]
iGod doesn’t have a loss yet this season, and has beaten a lot of the top players in Oak. That being said, iGod does have a couple of draws against players who have not been as successful so far this season, which is perhaps a worrying sign. Despite that, they’ve already won against some of the toughest opponents; whether or not they will win the division will rely on if they can solidify their play against the players they’re now expected to beat.

3: Phillammon (-2) [Ibutra]
4: TONewYork [iGod]
5: Cptbasch (-2) [TONewYork]
6: Kaadzik (+5) [Kaadzik]
Kaadzik has entered the league and done fairly well so far, with two wins and a draw to their name. However, Kaadzik has also not played any of the top players in Oak yet, so we’ll see if they can continue that performance into the future.

7: Atia (-2) [Atia]
Atia continues to not be able to break into the top of Oak, but is able to keep themselves afloat above the bottom. With a loss to TONewYork now, it doesn’t seem like there’ll be any chance of moving into those top spots unless there’s a complete collapse at the top alongside with a surprise win against iGod.

8: Maxstermind (-1) [Maxstermind]
9: Smashblade (-1) [Met]
10: Met (+3) [Smashblade]
11: Testierjamaj (-2) [Testierjamaj]
12: TheKajdanPL [TheKajdanPL]
13: Armageddon (-3) [Armageddon]

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