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What is SpyParty?

SpyParty is a spy game about human behavior, performance, perception, and deception. While most espionage games have you spend your time shooting stuff, blowing stuff up, and driving fast, SpyParty has you hide in plain sight, deceive your opponent, and detect subtle behavioral tells to achieve your objectives.

Clinchers & Clenchers: What’s Left In SCL6

Matches are played out of order, or sometimes not played at all, so it can be difficult to know who’s exactly in the best position to clinch a division title or postseason spot. Let’s break that down by reviewing current scores and remaining matches.

Please note that I use “secure” to mean a player cannot drop any lower than that position, and “locked” as a way of saying that position will not change no matter what.


YerAnd (Score: 15, matches left: 2):

YerAnd has almost locked first place. They only need to win 1 point and they are guaranteed first place. Otherwise, if YerAnd loses all their matches and WarningTrack wins all of theirs, then YerAnd will get 2nd place.

WarningTrack (score: 11, matches left: 2):

WarningTrack has secured 2nd place and can get 1st place by winning all of their matches and hoping YerAnd loses their match against Slappydavis. Not much else to say, good luck!

Magician1099 (score: 7, matches left: 1):
Magician is losing the tiebreaker against Pwndnoob and Slappydavis, they must try and win or at least tie their remaining match or they risk 5th place or even 6th place. Winning their match only secures 5th place unfortunately and will rely heavily on others to get a higher spot.

Slappydavis (score: 7, matches left: 1):
Slappydavis would currently get 4th place if Pwndnoob and Magician as well as Slappydavis himself all win their matches. Just like the other 2 people with 7 points, Slappydavis will have to rely heavily on other people’s matches to get a chance at 3rd place.

Pwndnoob (score: 7, matches left: 0):
Pwndnoob has unfortunately locked themselves out of the postseason with their last loss to FalconHit.

FalconHit (score: 7, matches left: 0):
Falconhit can currently get 3rd place if Slappydavis and Magician lose their match. If Slappydavis wins their match but Magician loses then Falconhit will achieve 5th place, otherwise if Magician is the one who wins their match, then Falcon will finish in 4th.


Lazybear (score: 15, matches left: 0):
Wait, a division with no matches outstanding?! This is a miracle! Let’s review how the postseason works for Platinum, then: Lazybear will play Ryooo in week 1 of the postseason. If Lazybear wins, he will automatically promote to Diamond next season and have a slight advantage when they meet again afterwards to determine who advances to the final four of the League Championship. If Lazybear loses that first match, he will have to play against one of the players in Diamond to have a chance at promoting.

Ryooo (score: 13, matches left: 0)
Pofke (score: 12, matches left: 0):
Barring some high-level drops, Pofke will now have to patiently wait in Platinum until next season with OpiWrites for another chance to promote.

OpiWrites (score: 11, matches left: 0)
skreww L00se (score: 9, matches left: 0):
With Yeesh having dropped, skreww L00se will just have to win a match against the runner-up of Gold to stay in Platinum. That match will happen in week 2 of postseason.


Kotte (score: 13, matches left: 2):
Kotte has secured 4th place and can lock in 1st by winning at least 3 points in their final 2 matches. To secure 2nd (and a chance to promote), they must win 2 points.

Sheph (score: 13, matches left: 1):
Very similar to Kotte, Sheph has secured 4th place and would secure 2nd place with a win. A bit of luck will be necessary to get 1st place, but it doesn’t matter much when the winner of the Gold Championship match is counted as having finished higher for promotion. At this point all that’s at stake are the modest advantages the higher seed gets in such a match.

Cameraman (score: 5, matches left: 3):
Cameraman cannot get 2nd place and will have to fight to finish 3rd.

Wodar (score: 4, matches left: 5):
Wodar can still get 1st place by winning all his matches and getting some assistance from both Sheph and Kotte.

Turnout8 (score: 4, matches left: 3):
Very similar to Cameraman, Turnout8 has to win as many matches as possible, and avoid wins by some others, to avoid defending his spot in the Tournament of Position (ToP).

Royal_Flu$h (score: 1, matches left: 6):
Royal_Flu$h can still get first place by winning every single one of his matches and hoping Kotte loses all his.


Turnipboy (score: 16, matches left: 4):
Turnipboy has secured 9th place but 20 matches left to play in Silver (10 involving Checker), there are too many variables to describe all possibilities. Turnipboy could be the 3rd player in SCL history to have a perfect record in the regular season (and the first in an expanded 12-match schedule) by winning his remaining 4 matches, which would also lock him in 1st place and give him a free pass to Gold.

Hunu (score: 15, matches left: 2):
Hunu has secured 9th place.

KumaKid (score: 14, matches left: 4):
KumaKid and DavidW have both secured 10th place.

DavidW (score: 14, matches left: 3)
Beanie (score: 11, matches left: 3):
Beanie, Miniorek and Furbyfubar have all secured 12th place.

Miniorek (score: 11, matches left: 3)
FurbyFubar (score: 11, matches left: 2):
FurbyFubar and everyone underneath (except Checker) cannot finish 1st.

Spedmonkey (score: 7, matches left: 3):
Spedmonkey and Nanthelas have not secured any position, and cannot finish above 5th.

Nanthelas (score: 7, matches left: 3)

Checker (score: 4, matches left: 10)
The wildcard Checker is still present and now has to play one match every other day to finish by the end of the break week. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but…it’s hard to do. Prove me wrong Checker!

Sgnurf (score: 4, matches left: 3):
Sgnurf cannot finish above 8th.


In Bronze, there are basically 4 groups. There is the top 4, who are fighting for 1st. Then we have the players in 5th-8th place, who are fighting for a spot in the ToP. Then we have 9th-11th fighting to get the highest position possible, and finally 12th and 13th place, merely trying to avoid last.

Magicdoer1 (score: 15, matches left: 2):
Magicdoer1, Sykosloth and Dukit have secured 8th, and are still fighting for 1st.

Sykosloth (score: 15, matches left: 2)
Dukit (score: 13, matches left: 3)
Tonyl (score: 12, matches left: 4):
Tonyl is still part of the first group: though they’ve formally secured only 9th, they can still lock in 1st by winning all of their remaining matches.

Dbdkmezz (score: 12, matches left: 2):
Dbdkmezz has secured 8th place, but will find it rather hard to take 1st. He will have to win every single remaining match and hope the current leaders lose all, or almost all, of their remaining matches.

Iggythegrifter (score: 11, matches left: 3):
Iggythegrifter has secured 9th place. Getting 1st place is not impossible, but requires some luck and winning at least 5 points.

Calvin Schoolidge (score: 10, matches left: 3):
Calvin Schoolidge and Gabrio have both secured 10th. Getting first place is still possible, although unlikely, and similar to everyone else in this “2nd group,” it will require they win nearly all remaining matches and get significant help from the players above them.

Gabrio (score: 10, matches left: 3)
Human_Kirby (score: 8, matches left: 2):
Human_Kirby has secured 11th place and can still finish as high as 4th by winning both of the remaining matches.

MrRgrs (score: 5, matches left: 3):
MrRgrs has not secured any position and cannot finish above 7th, which means the ToP is out of reach. Winning all of their remaining matches will secure 10th place.

Portalfreek (score: 5, matches left: 2):
Portalfreek will have to fight to get 9th place, winning both of their remaining matches and getting help from above.

Kmars133 (score: 4, matches left: 2):
Neither Kmars nor QuickLime can finish above 10th.

QuickLime (score: 2, matches left: 3)


Legorve Genine (score: 19, matches left: 2):
Legorve can lock in first place by winning both of his remaining matches. He has secured at least 3rd place and with it a spot in the ToP.

Monaters (score: 19, matches left: 2):
Monaters is in a delicate situation: if they manage to win both of their matches, but Legorve also does so, then Legorve steals their win via a third-order tiebreak. All they can do is hope that Legorve stumbles and gives them an opening. Either way, they’ve secured 3rd, and with it the ToP.

Tflameee (score: 19, matches left: 1):
Tflameee has also managed to secure 3rd place! Getting 1st will be difficult, however, as Tflameee has only one match left to play. But it’s not impossible yet.

Paratroopa (score: 14, matches left: 1):
Paratroopa has secured 6th, which almost gives him an automatic spot for the ToP. By winning his last match, Paratroopa would lock down 4th.

Yglini (score: 13, matches left: 1):
Yglini has secured 6th, and can only secure 5th by winning their final match.

Jd105l (score: 12, matches left: 1)
Andivx (score: 10, matches left: 0):
Andivx has no matches left to play, and has nothing to do but wait for the remaining players. But their season is over either way: Andivx can get as low as 10th and as high as 7th, which unfortunately means the ToP is out of reach.

Alexare (score: 8, matches left: 2):
Alexare has not secured any position yet, but can get as high as 6th by winning both matches and getting some help.

Banana Bread (score: 8, matches left: 1):
Banana Bread has secured 12th, and can only finish as high as 8th.

Harren (score: 6, matches left: 2)
Howiie (score: 6, matches left: 2)
Monopolyman (score: 6, matches left: 1):
Monopolyman can still finish as high as 9th my winning his last match, combined with well-placed losses just above them.


Rov (score: 19, matches left: 2):
Rov has secured 2nd and can lock in 1st by winning just 2 points out of the 4 remaining available. If Rov participates in the ToP, then getting first will enable him to participate against the 5th person in Copper instead of the 4th.

☭Lev☭Trotskij☭ (score: 19, matches left: 1):
Lev has managed to secure 3rd and needs at least one more point secure 2nd. If Rhythmicsheep wins their remaining matches and Lev loses his, then there will be a perfect tie between the two for 2nd place through all three prewritten tiebreaks, presumably leading to a TBD Sudden Death tiebreaker match.

Ytterbijum (score: 16, matches left: 1):
Ytterbijum has secured 6th, but does not manage to secure any additional positions by winning their remaining match. It would, however, help their chances of finishing at least 3rd, which is the highest position they can achieve.

Rhythmicsheep (score: 15, matches left: 2):
Rhythmicsheep can still seize 2nd by winning all of their remaining matches and hoping Lev loses theirs. This will have the effect of a perfect tie between the two. 7th place is secured.

Catnip (score: 14, matches left: 2)
7th place is secured for both catnip and beanie/steam: both of can finish as high as 3rd. This remains a fierce battle for a place in the ToP.

Beanie/steam (score: 14, matches left: 2)
Dejoker (score: 11, matches left: 1):
Dejoker has secured 9th but cannot get more than 7th. He secures 8th if he ties or wins his remaining match and 7th if Jahni doesn’t win too many of their remaining matches.

The_Usual_Toaster (score: 11, matches left: 0):
All The_Usual_Toaster can do is hope jaHNi loses a sufficient number of their matches to secure 8th, otherwise he’ll have to settle for 9th.

JaHNi (score: 8, matches left: 4):
JaHNi can still try and get a spot in the ToP (4th place) by winning all of their remaining matches.

MrTwister (score: 7, matches left: 2):
MrTwister secures 9th place by winning all of their remaining matches.


DeathTacticus (score: 18, matches left: 0):
DeathTacticus has finished playing all of his matches. Arguably, first in Obsidian is undesirable, as the winner would go against Legorve, Monaters, or Tflameee in the first round of the ToP, instead of the 5th place finisher in Bronze.

Xeynoxys (score: 17, matches left: 2):
Xeynoxys still has to win at least a point to secure a spot in the ToP. Winning both of their remaining matches will secure 1st.

Corvusmellori (score: 16, matches left: 2):
Corvusmellori and ALTInsider both need 18 points to secure the ToP (that’s 2 points for Corvusmellori and 4 for ALTInsider). Getting 1st is not impossible but will require help.

ALTInsider (score: 14, matches left: 3)
MonsterRacer (score: 13, matches left: 2):
MonsterRacer has secured 8th and cannot take 1st, but can still finish high enough to make the ToP.

Scout (score: 9, matches left: 3):
For both Scout and Theforgot3n1, winning every single match will be necessary to have a chance for the ToP. The highest attainable position is 4th and no positions have been secured.

Theforgot3n1 (score: 9, matches left: 3)
PipeSuper24 (score: 8, matches left: 2):
A place in the ToP is unfortunately impossible for PipeSuper24, but winning both of the matches left will secure 7th place.

Lushmoss (score: 8, matches left: 1)
Augleb240 (score: 7, matches left: 2)
BobTheAlmighty (score: 5, matches left: 6):
BobTheAlmighty still has 6 matches left to play, but even so 1st is impossible.

Bannanasniper (score: 2, matches left: 4)
Bannanasniper can still get 7th place by winning all of his remaining matches. Otherwise, no positions have been secured.


Oak still has quite a lot of matches left, too many to game out the possibilities in most cases.

Cptbasch (score: 22, matches left: 0):
Cptbasch managed to lock in 1st place with a recent drop. Congratulations!

Tonewyork (score: 16, matches left: 3):
Tonewyork has managed to secure 7th but cannot get 1st.

Smashblade (score: 13, matches left: 3)
Igod (score: 12, matches left: 4)
Maxstermind (score: 12, matches left: 2)
Maxstermind, Testierjamaj and Thekajdanpl cannot get 2nd. 3rd place is the highest attainable spot for each.

Met (score: 10, matches left: 5)
Atia (score: 10, matches left: 4)
Thekajdanpl (score: 8, matches left: 3)
Testierjamaj (score: 7, matches left: 4)
Armageddon (score: 6, matches left: 6)


  1. Thank you WarningTrack for the great edits! It’s not mentioned anywhere and he did a great job! It’s kind of also his work, thanks a lot again!

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