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SCL6: Week 3 Power Rankings


Things seem to have calmed down in the wake of Week 2 for the most part, but that doesn’t mean Week 3 doesn’t have its share of surprises in store for us. Unfortunately, there are a good few matches that weren’t played before writing these rankings, so it’ll be a bit more stagnant than previous weeks in some divisions. As usual, big thanks to Silverthorn for all the help putting this together.

Reminder: The name in brackets is who the community poll (on average) put in the relevant ranking.


Despite its reputation for slow match scheduling, Diamond has played every one of their matches, which is a welcome change from last week. The results for Week 3 were mostly in line with what’s been expected of each player, as well as with how they’ve been performing over the season, with one notable exception.

1: YerAnd [YerAnd]

YerAnd actually suffered a draw this week at the hands of Pwndnoob, who previously had given him three losses in SCL5 Platinum; once for each time they met. Despite each of their recent form, which would have YerAnd well advantaged, Pwndnoob still managed to take a point off the top Diamond runner.

2: WarningTrack [WarningTrack]

While Track’s result is more expected than YerAnd’s, the burning memory of YerAnd’s comeback victory over the preseason divisional favorite is still only one week back and not easy to forget. However, if Track can keep racking up results like this, mopping up those he’s favored against, YerAnd may find himself unseated in time.

3: Pwndnoob (+1) [Pwndnoob]

With a draw to YerAnd, Pwnd is still perhaps underperforming the amount of points he was expected to get coming out of the first few weeks of Platinum. However, with YerAnd’s current form, this is still pretty impressive and it’s enough to bump him back up into the top 3, along with a win over Slappydavis that was finally played from last week.

4: Magician1099 (-1) [Magician1099]

Magician drops not only on the strength of Pwndnoob’s result this week but also on a loss to Slappydavis, the division’s bottom spot. While the loss still leaves him above Slappy, given how they’ve both looked overall in the season, it is worrying for Magician going forward. Will he be able to keep up the unexpected and historic success in this year’s Diamond, or is this old dog running out of steam?

5: Slappydavis (+1) [FalconHit]

Slappy beat Magician, and it wasn’t even particularly close. 7-3 is a pretty wide margin for Diamond, and it’s enough in the face of FalconHit’s lack of success to finally get Slappy out of the bottom spot. Whether that lasts will depend on Slappy himself, but for Week 3 Slappy avoids rock bottom in both the power rankings and the actual standings.

6: FalconHit (-1) [Slappydavis]
After Week 3, FalconHit is the only player in Diamond without any points to his name. While his losses haven’t been so bad; he’s had to play both WarningTrack and YerAnd, as well as a surging Magician, it’s still one less win than Slappy who has had a similarly tough schedule.


Unfortunately in Platinum this week, two of the three games haven’t been played thanks to a host of scheduling (or in one case, ‘computer blowing up’) issues. This leaves the one result that did actually happen, and its result was relatively expected. In the face of a severe lack of information, Platinum’s going to stay the same as it was last week and we’ll skip over it for now. If updates on match results is why you read these, the one match that did get played was a solid 7-3 win by Ryooo over Skrewwl00se.

1: OpiWrites [OpiWrites]
2: Lazybear [Lazybear]
3: Pofke [Pofke]
4: Yeesh [Ryooo]
5: Ryooo [Yeesh]
6: Skrewwl00se [Skrewwl00se]


Gold is mostly normal. Sort of. Have I mentioned the RoyalFlu$h is doing really well compared to his usual? I did that last week? Well I’m gonna do it again this week.

1: Cameraman [Sheph]

I had a hard time with this one. On one hand, Cameraman just drew against RoyalFlu$h, who has been at the bottom of Gold for two seasons straight before this. Suffice to say, a very surprising result for someone I’ve rated at the top of the division. And yet, Cameraman doesn’t drop, so why? I’m just not convinced that this draw is enough to overrule Sheph’s loss to Cameraman, and Sheph didn’t do anything to change my mind this week himself.

2: Sheph [Cameraman]

Sheph drew Kotte this week. While the result isn’t entirely out of the blue, as clearly Kotte’s a fairly strong player, it’s just not the level of impressive that they needed to take the top spot out of the hands of Cameraman. Not to mention, RoyalFlu$h was only seconds away from drawing Kotte himself last week. SpyParty isn’t mathematics; a draw against Kotte doesn’t mean that Sheph would do similarly against RoyalFlu$h, but it is telling. For these reasons, Sheph doesn’t manage to make their way up the power rankings quite yet.

3: Kotte [Kotte]

Not much to say here; Kotte’s been playing well, and is in fact above Sheph in terms of actual points gained so far this season. However, his play’s looked shaky enough against relatively weaker opponents that he’ll sit under Sheph for the time being.

4: Wodar (+2) [Wodar]
Wodar heard me put him last place in the power rankings last week and decided that enough was enough. With an absolutely dominating 7-1 win over Turnout8 this week, Wodar establishes himself above the former Diamond player and even does well enough to take a spot back from Royal, who was above him last week.

5: RoyalFlu$h [Turnout8]
Royal is to be commended for his performance so far this season. Over his last two attempts at fighting against Gold, he garnered a grand total of three points in the standings over two seasons. This season, while he’s only made one point in actuality, his play has been on par to make two, and I would not be surprised to see him smash his own records. While I don’t think that that’s enough to make it out of relegation territory, it’s a nice tip of the cap to the veteran player.

6: Turnout8 (-2) [RoyalFlu$h]

Rough set for Turnout8 this week, only winning a single game. More telling though is the sniper rate; Turnout8 civ shot in every sniper game he played against Wodar, giving away game after game after game. That is simply not allowed in a division like Gold, and Wodar punishes him for it. He’ll drop two spots in the standings on the week.


Our highest Pro Circuit Division continues to be somewhat predictable. Checker continues to not play any of his matches, while Turnipboy continues to dominate the top of the standings. So far, performance has been very momentum-based. Those who started off badly continue to drop, and those making an impressive show of things keep winning.

1: Turnipboy [Turnipboy]

Usually I wouldn’t talk about Turnipboy staying on top in any given week, but it actually ends up being pretty interesting this time around. Turnipboy beat Lauras43, one of the top projected players in the division, in a close match. It’s a very impressive showing that really establishes him at the top once again. Not to mention the 2 points he gains on the leaderboard here are unlikely to be replicated by many others, which gives him an advantage over anyone who would dare challenge his top spot.

2: KumaKid [KumaKid]
3: Lauras43 [Lauras43]
Lauras doesn’t drop despite the loss; no one is doing well enough to warrant pushing past Lauras this week, and a loss to the top spot isn’t all that bad.

4: Spedmonkey [DavidW]
5: Miniorek [Miniorek]
6: Hunu (+1) [Spedmonkey]
Hunu’s draw to Sped was very nearly a win this week; he went up 4-0 to start the set, but Spedmonkey managed to claw it back, not tilting despite the early deficit. It was a pretty impressive match from both sides, and it keeps Spedmonkey near the top while allowing Hunu to gain slightly in the standings.

7: Beanie (+2) [Hunu]
Beanie appears to be getting his feet under him as the season progresses; having beaten Max Edward Snax for entry into Silver, we’ve known that he’s pretty strong, but wasn’t able to show it against Miniorek. With a win over Nanthelas, who is still unfortunately winless, Beanie appears to be coming back into the contender he was expected to be.

8: DavidW (-2) [Beanie]
DavidW hasn’t actually done that bad so far this season, but his opponents have simply not been that strong, which means that middling results in total are going to drop him a bit in the power rankings.

9: FurbyFubar (+3) [FurbyFubar]
10: Nanthelas [Nanthelas]
11: sgnurf (+1) [checker]
12: checker (+1) [sgnurf]
13: Zerodoom
Unfortunately, Zerodoom has had to drop, which means that he’ll permanently occupy the 13th spot in Silver.


Bronze sees a bit of a stagnation this week, but not of the standings; momentum has largely remained the same in this division, with those who were already on their way up staying the course, and those moving down not able to recover.

1: Magicdoer1 [Tonyl]
2: iggythegrifter (+2) [Magicdoer1]
Iggy is crazy. For those not in the loop, Iggy has made a habit of banning nothing, restricting nothing, and doubling Balcony during his drafts. All while saying he’s not good at Balcony. And it’s been working! The lack of any draft subtlety here just makes his performances so far that much more impressive; a more involved drafting style could give him an even further edge over his opponents.

3: Tonyl (+2) [Gabrio]
Sporting a lossless season so far, Tonyl has been outperforming preseason expectations pretty hard, and he continues that streak with a win over Quicklime this week.

4: Calvin Schoolidge (+2) [iggythegrifter]
The win over mrrgrs was expected for Calvin, but it was won by a wide margin and those above him in the standings allow him to regain some of his former glory. He won’t be back to the top of the division quite yet, but there’s still a lot of room for him to make that happen.

5: Gabrio (-3) [Calvin Schoolidge]
Gabrio’s draw against Sykosloth comes at the hands of yet another set of very slow spy play in which Sykosloth gave Gabrio the gift of quite a few civilian shots early on. Despite this, Sykosloth managed to play well enough on spy to ensure a close set, culminating in a hold on Redwoods against two Gabrio timeadds. This may be a turning point, where Gabrio can’t find his usual glut of civilian shots from his opponents thanks to his reputation.

6: Portalfreek (-3) [dbdkmezz]
Portalfreek’s loss to Iggy wasn’t the most unexpected result, but the margin by which he lost was. For that, he’s gonna drop three spots this week.

7: dbdkmezz (+1) [Sykosloth]
8: Dukit (-2) [Portalfreek]
9: Sykosloth (+2) [Dukit]
10: Kmars133 [Humankirby]
11: Humankirby (-2) [Kmars133]
12: mrrgrs [mrrgrs]
13: Quicklime [Quicklime]


Copper is predictable as ever, helmed by the absolutely dominant Legorve Genine. Still no draws and no truly major upsets, but that doesn’t mean everything went exactly as expected. In fact, Legorve Genine bled this week! Kind of…

1: Legorve Genine [Legorve Genine]
The only player unanimously at the top of his division in the community poll, Legorve once again proved that he belongs there with a 7-3 win over AndiVx. The problem for Legorve? He had to play a singled pick! That hadn’t happened yet this season, and Andi takes home the consolation prize of most points obtained against Legorve so far this season.

2: Monaters [Monaters]
3: Tflameee (+2) [Tflameee]
A solid 7-1 win over Harren this week pushes Tflameee up in the standings, though he is helped along by some weakness shown by those previously above him.

4: Yglini (+2) [Alexare]
With a solid win over Paratroopa, Yglini continues her climb up the standings. Now up to top 4, this is within ToP contention. If Yglini can hold near the top, it would be a huge overperformance from what was predicted.

5: Paratroopa (-1) [jd105l]
6: jd105l (-3) [Yglini]
A bit of a surprising loss to Alexare knocks JD down a peg or two, especially since those under him did so well this week. That said, we’ll likely see JD coming back with a force, as Alexare has proven he can both beat anybody and lose to anybody.

7: Alexare (+2) [Paratroopa]
8: Monopolyman (-1) [Monopolyman]
A close loss to Monaters isn’t so bad, which keeps Monopolyman over the others low in the division, but he does lose a bit of ground to Alexare.

9: Howiie (+4) [Howiie]
While Howiie’s first win comes over Banana Bread, someone only just above him at the bottom, it’s enough to push him up to 9th here.

10: AndiVx (+1) [Harren]
Andi’s honestly had a rough run of it so far. His only matches have come against the top two players of the division, so going forward he’s got a bit of extra leeway to rise very quickly if he can put out some good results. Watch out!

11: Con-Pope (-3) [AndiVx]
12: Harren [Banana Bread]
13: Banana Bread [Con-Pope]


Things went as expected… In Iron? Weird. I wouldn’t expect this lull to last, it makes for a fairly sedentary standings as the winners get winninger.

1: LevTrotskij [LevTrotskij ]
2: RhythmicSheep [Rov]
3: Rov [RhythmicSheep]
4: Koopa [Koopa]
5: Catnip (+2) [Catnip]
Catnip finally gets her feet under her this season, taking down YtterbiJum in a very convincing 7-1 victory. While it doesn’t erase the memory of her Week 1 and 2 underperformances, it does signal that perhaps this veteran is still to be feared.

6: Beanie/steam(+2) [Beanie/steam]
A solid win over Toaster puts Beanie/steam in the top half of the division for the first time in these power rankings

7: The_Usual_Toaster (-2) [The_Usual_Toaster]
8: YtterbiJum (-2) [jaHNI]
9: jaHNI [MrTwister]
10: MrTwister [YtterbiJum]
11: dejoker [dejoker]
12: Sun Bro [Sun Bro]


Obsidian sees some shifting around as one or two players over or under perform, but is mostly stable this week. It’ll be awhile until we see our top players clash nearer to the end of the season, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this stay fairly stable until then, barring upsets.

1: Monsterracer [Monsterracer]
The only player remaining with an unmarred season, Monsterracer continues to remain at the top of the rankings in Obsidian.

2: Xeynoxys (+2) [Xeynoxys]
3: ALTInsider (-1) [ShootingGoats]
4: TheForgot3n1 (+1) [TheForgot3n1]
A win over the bottom ranked player in Obsidian is expected, and maybe even closer than many anticipated, but it’s better than one player in particular above Forgot3n.

5: ShootingGoats (+2) [Corvusmellori]
Goats finds themselves with two wins and a draw coming out of week 3. While the strength of schedule wasn’t the highest, it’s still an impressive showing so far and enough to propel ShootingGoats into ToP contention.

6: Corvusmellori (-4) [Auglbe240]
Corvus drops quite a few spots this week for multiple reasons; despite not dropping any spots last week, her result was still a draw. The reason she didn’t drop then was because those under her didn’t do well enough to warrant moving up. The draw did however weaken her position at the top, which was then completely undermined by a surprisingly decisive loss to Auglbe240. It’s a pretty big backslide, and there’s room to recover, but Corvus is going to have to show some fight.

7: Auglbe240 (+1) [ALTInsider]
Only last week’s draw to Scout keeps Auglbe from moving above Corvus after this week’s dominating result.

8: Bannanasniper (-2) [Bobthealmighty]
9: Scout [DeathTacticus]
10: Pipesuper24 [Scout]
11: BobTheAlmighty [Lushmoss]
12: DeathTacticus [Pipesuper24]
13: Lushmoss [Bannanasniper]


Another two brand new players in Oak! Well, I say “new,” but ibutra actually participated in the most recent Summer Cup, making them the only player with previous competitive experience in the division. Will that be important? Maybe! As we mentioned last week, I’ll be taking into account all matches played at time of writing to determine power rankings for Oak, as the schedule is getting shifted around by the new entrants.

1: cptbasch (+2) [cptbasch]
It was really hard to decide who should go on top this week: cptbasch or Phillammon? Both of them have played against fairly strong opponents and won each time, then drew to each other. In the end, I’ve decided to put cptbasch just barely on top thanks to the extra match he has played compared to Phil, giving him a bit more footing at the top.

2: Phillammon [Phillammon]
3: TONewYork (-2) [TONewYork]
While Tony still hasn’t lost a set, strength of schedule finally comes in to bite him in the butt. He hasn’t played anyone who’s near the top yet. That said, his domination over those who he has played keeps in within easy striking range of the top of the table; a single slip from basch or Phil, or an impressive performance from Tony, could see him back on top.

4: Atia [Atia]
While Atia is sitting solidly below the top players, having lost to both cptbasch and Phillammon, she still has managed solid wins over those below her.

5: Maxstermind [Maxstermind]
6: Smashblade [Smashblade]
7: ibutra (New) [Armageddon]
Despite having no matches played yet, I’m betting on the previous competitive experience over a couple of players who have not yet found a win in matches they have played. This one’s definitely speculative.

8: Armageddon (-1) [iGod]
Armageddon, despite having one more loss on the record than testierjamaj, has notably had much closer losses overall. Neither have any wins yet, and it’ll be interesting to see who can break that streak first.

9: Testierjamaj (-1) [ibutra]
10: iGod (New) [Testierjamaj]

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