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What is SpyParty?

SpyParty is a spy game about human behavior, performance, perception, and deception. While most espionage games have you spend your time shooting stuff, blowing stuff up, and driving fast, SpyParty has you hide in plain sight, deceive your opponent, and detect subtle behavioral tells to achieve your objectives.

Tag Team Tournament: The Results

The 2017 SpyParty Tag Team Tournament was completed yesterday.

Below you’ll find a listing of all the sets played, with links to download the replays (Spies are always listed first, Snipers second), which you can also find on the official bracket.

Round 1

Round 2



Congratulations to Team Big Comfy Couch!

Tag Team Tournament: The Teams

The teams are set, the bracket is up, and the logos are finished:


virifaux (Spy) and yeesh (Sniper)

Big Comfy Couch

steph (Spy) and pires (Sniper)


royalflush (Spy) and quicklime (Sniper)

Shaken & Stirred

pwndnoob (Spy) and warningtrack (Sniper)

No Logo

checker (Spy) and wodar (Sniper)

Cut & Shoot

cameraman (Spy) and sharper (Sniper)

Claw & Order

krazycaley (Spy) and catnip (Sniper)

Tinker Tailor Sniper Spy

kcmmmmm (Spy) and varanas (Sniper)

Shake ‘n Bacon

slappydavis (Spy) and canadianbacon (Sniper)

Tag Team Tournament #2: The Return

In 2013, canadianbacon ran a Tag Team Tournament where players played exclusively Spy or Sniper as part of a team (except for a few teams where one player played both roles, including the eventual champion, slappydavis). In advance of the game going on Steam Early Access, he’s running another such tournament. Special emphasis this time is on picking a fun team name and designing a logo, because the tournament champions will receive jackets with their logo on them.

As of this writing, about eight teams (and a handful of singles players who haven’t yet chosen a partner) have formed, or half of the maximum slots available. Signups end in just a few days: at 11:59 PM PDT on Sunday, October 8th. Once the signup period is over, we’ll post a breakdown of all the teams, with their accompanying logos.

If you’re in the beta and interested in joining, check out the signup thread in the game’s beta forums.

Snaps: A Photo Story from PAX West

Soon: Development Tidbits from PAX

A few random facts and possibilities picked up around the booth at PAX West 2017:

  • The next new art maps are Courtyard and Gallery.
  • The new maps will likely be held until the game goes on Steam Early Access, targeted for February.
  • Reika is working on both of the new maps, and is particularly excited about Gallery.
  • They’ve modeled cars for Gallery’s external environment.
  • A new art Balcony is still planned; Modern isn’t going to replace it. Instead, it’ll transform into a much larger map by opening up the indoor area, which John has basically already finished. The new map was referred to conversationally as “Moderne.”

The Bridge Cast is an Actual Thing

I know what you’re probably asking: what is Bridge Cast? Is it an actual podcast about bridges? Is it an inside joke taken way, way too far? What do bridges have to do with SpyParty? The answer to all of these questions is “yes.”

Without further ado:

Drawnonward interviews warningtrack about bridges:

Drawnonward holds a roundtable discussion with lthummus, aforgottentune, and slappydavis:

The thrilling conclusion wherein warningtrack and cleetose debate bridges:

2011 SpyParty Article in GameInformer

In the middle of a fun little Twitter thread about Bloom’s SpyParty sampling track, longtime player james1221 posted this throwback image to a 2011 article about SpyParty:

Click for full resolution

Slightly Subtle feat. Chris Hecker

SpyParty player and Diamond League SCL Competitor @bloom_sp recently posted this tremendous song made up of game sound effects and snippets of developer Chris Hecker’s streams and interviews. Give it a listen:

SCL Season 3: Week 5 Highlights

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SCL Season 3: Week 4 Highlights

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